Hedgehog Citizen Science

The Irish Hedgehog Survey is a citizen science project by researchers in National University of Ireland, Galway with the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The public are asked to take part in in the project in a number of ways - by recording hedgehogs wherever you see them, by surveying your gardens for hedgehogs or by taking part in a questionnaire about hedgehogs on the farm. No special skills or knowledge are required to take part. The information provided will help enormously in monitoring hedgehog abundance and distribution in Ireland.

Hog on lawn 5 Pat Morris.jpg


Have you seen a hedgehog? Please submit your records to our hedgehog recording scheme. You can record sightings of live or dead hedgehogs from anywhere in Ireland. This will provide valuable information on where hedgehogs are living in Ireland

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Are you interested to see if hedgehogs or other wildlife are visiting your garden? You can join our Volunteer Garden Hedgehog Survey and find out. This survey will help us understand how hedgehogs use gardens in cities, towns and the countryside.

Farmer questionnaire

Are you a farmer? This questionnaire for farmers takes just 5 minutes and will provide important information about hedgehogs in farmland. Please take part even if you think you don't have hedgehogs on your land.

© 2020 by Irish Hedgehog Survey. Photos by Pat Morris, Sarah Regan and Claire Crowley reproduced with permission . Photos by Calle Eklund/V-wolf, Michael Gäbler, Ernell used under creative commons licence CC BY-SA 3.0, and CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons