Garden Hedgehog Survey

This project involves surveying your garden with a footprint tunnel or a trail camera for 5 nights in a row between the start of May and the end of September. The method is very simple and can be carried out by families, schools and even work places - as long as you have a garden to survey. You should take part in the survey, whether you think you have hedgehogs in your garden or not. 

Instructions for making and using a foot print tunnel and surveying with a trail camera can be downloaded from the links below. There is also the link to submit your results via the quick online form.

Foot print Tunnel Elaine ORiordan.jpg

Survey with footprint tunnel

You can easily make your own footprint tracking tunnel to survey your garden for hedgehogs. Instructions here.

claire photo 1.jpg

Survey with trail camera

If you have your own trail camera you can use it to survey for hedgehogs. Instructions here.

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Submit survey results 

You can use  submit the results of your garden survey via this online form. It will only take 5 minutes. Please submit results even if you do not find any hedgehogs in your garden

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