• Irish Hedgehog Survey

Irish Hedgehog Survey Launched!

Despite the slow start due to the restrictions around Covid -19, the Irish Hedgehog Survey is underway.

Hedgehogs are up and about and the first hoglets are beginning to make their appearance. We don't know a great deal about the numbers of hedgehogs in Ireland so we are asking people if you see a hedgehog alive or dead, please report your sighting via the recording form on the Biodiversity Ireland website. This project is a collaboration between researchers in the Zoology Department at NUI Galway and the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The project will run for the next two years.

In addition to recording your hedgehog sightings, volunteers are being asked to survey their gardens using a simple footprint tunnel that you can make at home or a trail camera if you have one. You can find more information on the Garden Hedgehog Survey here.


© 2020 by Irish Hedgehog Survey. Photos by Pat Morris, Sarah Regan and Claire Crowley reproduced with permission . Photos by Calle Eklund/V-wolf, Michael Gäbler, Ernell used under creative commons licence CC BY-SA 3.0, and CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons